1. Admission Fees                                                                                                                                         Rs.25.00
  2. Re-admission Fees                                                                                                                                   Rs.100.00
  3. Computer Fund (Class III onwards wherever Computer Education is being imparted)                  Rs.100.00
  4. Vidyalaya Vikash Nidhi (VVN)                                                                                                                 Rs.500.00

Fees in KVs are collected online Quarterly i.e, in the month of April, July , October and December. Parents failing to deposit the fees by 15th of Fee collection month are required to pay late payment fine of Rs.5.00 per day upto the last working day of the month. If they fails to pay the fees by the last working day of the month the name of the child will be struck off from the class rolls. In such case they need to readmit the child by paying Rs.100.00 as re admission fees along with VVN and other fees.